Our History and Livestock

Our History

The Plaza de Armas stud was funded by Florencio Moreno Muñoz. It is located in the very middle of the Los Pedroches Valley, in Sierra Morena (a mountain chain in the north of Andalusia), in the north of the Córdoba province. This area is world wide known as one of the most important meadows in Europe.

Florencio Moreno Muñoz started the Yeguada de Armaspath buying horses from Vizconde de Montesina "N" stud, which were bought to the Villabrájima Marquis. These being from the military stud. They are the original core of this stud, with stallions assigned by the remembered VII store from the Royal Stables in Córdoba.

Is this with this mare selection grazing in the Plaza de Armas Cattle Ranch, which gives name to the stud as well as the Jardón Country house, both placed in the very center of Los Pedroches Valley at the north of the Córdoba province, in one of the most important meadows in Europe, where the Pure Spanish Bred (P.R.E.) selection takes place. This is all realized according to the horse breed, morphology and functionality, developing a livestock with the most genetically appropriate horses and rejecting those which do not fulfill the requirements demanded by our livestock.


Our horse livestock owns approved appropriate facilities which make possible a better breeding growth as well as a better selection of our horses. Also we have a high skilled staff taken long experience which allows us to increase the quality rate of our horses.

The selection made among our horses along the Yeguada de Armascareer has resulted in the recognition with numerous awards. These awards not only being obtained in national competitions but also in international ones, standing out some of them in Mexico. And in Spain we were awarded with two second awards for the best stockbreeding in the Spanish Championship.

Also we have to mention that we have been obtaining the first prize for the best stockbreeding for the last fifteen years in the Valle de los Pedroches Agricultural and Livestock Fair, one of the most important ones in this sector in Spain.

We also must stand out the awards obtained among the horses breed in our livestock, all sold nowadays. Among them we may quote: "ARMAS ZUMBEL", gold medal champion in dressage in SICAB 2011. And "ARMAS TARUGO", Spain champion in functionality and second place in morphology and national champion in Mexico. Also, "ARMAS AVELLANO", second place in the Livestock Fair Valle de los Pedroches 2011, and, "JUDIO VII", three times second place in Spain Madrid Competition 2000, SICAB 2001 and 2005.

The main aim in the Yeguada Plaza de Armasis to set up a distinguished product. P.R.E. (pure Spanish bred) horses. Fussily selected, completely settled to our customer needs and expectations. Our best guarantee is the wide export that Yeguada de Armas has been carrying out all over the world: Yeguada Leyva, Yeguada Vilaire, Bellota, San Francisco (Mexico), Rancho Madrigal (USA), Poland, Germany, Belgium…

Nowadays, Florencio Muñoz's sons lead the livestock. They have recognized experience in horse breeding and riding and Yeguada de Armaskeep on working on improving P.R.E. Spanish horse quality. They have obtaining lately deserving results as one of the best livestock, national and internationally recognized.